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The organization was established in 1995 by a number of international and local partners and is managed by a governing board. Action Felix comprises a team of twelve highly-dedicated members who believe in our vision and mission. Each of our members brings a wide range of talents and experiences, fostering a collegial and rewarding environment.


Action Felix is a foundation centered on creating and managing resources for children in Romania. Action Felix focuses on developing a self-sustaining business model to support the mission and needs of Caminul Felix children. Action Felix pursues its mission by managing a portfolio of integrated businesses while providing practical training and hands-on opportunities. Starting from basic skills in different departments, we try to teach the kids critical thinking and skills that will help them over in life.


Action Felix is affiliated with Caminul Felix Family Villages, which has been providing homes for abandoned children in Romania since 1990. It provides basic food needs like milk and meat for the children in Caminul Felix. The farm is a place where children can learn the value of work, the importance of discipline and how to interact with colleagues at work. As a not for profit organization, Action Felix Farm is looking to help as much as it can the orphans and reintegrate into the society the children that were abandoned or orphaned. Today, the Caminul Felix Villages have over 120 children in their care.

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Being a non-profit organization, we operate in a different manner from a normal business. You can find out more about the people that are involved and how you can help below.

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Our History

Action Felix was founded in 1995 at the initiative of the board of Caminul Felix Family Villages. Caminul Felix has worked in Romania since 1990, providing homes for abandoned children. Parallel to the activities of Caminul Felix, which are focused on quality child care and development in a family environment, a number of small businesses emerged, primarily to provide Caminul Felix with food and training opportunities, as well as, long-term financial stability.

Whole Milk

Action Felix Farm is one of the few from Bihor County that stood the test of time. Most of our milk is shipped to one of the biggest milk processor in Romania. Some of it is sold through milk dispensers in Caminul Felix I, at the Farm and in another location in the town of Oradea. The rest of it is provided to the Caminul Felix children as daily groceries.

Our People

Started in 1995 with the great vision of feeding the children of Romania and offering them a place to develop different skills, people got involved rather quickly and helped the farm develop in ways we did not expect. Today, there are more than 10 jobs that were created and they are mostly fulfilled by children that grew in Caminul Felix.

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Sunflower Design

Carpentry Shop

Noble House Hotel



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Milk factory
Milking Machines
Rubber for the cows
Tractor Tires

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