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About Us

Welcome to Action Felix. We trust that you find our website inviting and useful in learning about our organization’s mission and successes. We hope that it will serve as an invitation for your visit.

Action Felix is celebrating over two decade of creative initiatives and faith-based entrepreneurship serving the children of Romania in collaboration with Caminul Felix Family Villages. This is a truly exciting time in the life of Action Felix, as we move in new directions, expanding our mission beyond our borders. We are undergoing a physical, spiritual and economic transformation toward becoming a model organization.

As we look into the future, we see many challenges and opportunities. We remain committed to our goal of maximizing local and regional strengths while integrating in the new realities. We are also fully engaged in our plans to build upon our experiences as we established a model family village in Thailand and begin the construction of the Caminul Felix Sports Building.

You are invited to become a part of the rewarding Action Felix experience.

Most Cordially,
Marcel Filip

Action Felix is a foundation centered on creating and managing resources for children in Romania. Action Felix focuses on developing a self-sustaining business model to support the mission and needs of Caminul Felix children. Action Felix pursues its mission by managing a portfolio of integrated businesses while providing practical training and hands-on opportunities.

Action Felix comprises a team of twelve highly-dedicated members who believe in our vision and mission. Each of our members brings a wide range of talents and experiences, fostering a collegial and rewarding environment. The organization was established in 1995 by a number of international and local partners and is managed by a governing board. Action Felix is affiliated with Caminul Felix Family Villages, which has been providing homes for abandoned children in Romania since 1990. Today, the CF Villages have over 200 children in their care.

Our governing board consists of 6 members appointed by the Caminul Felix board, and an additional 5 appointed by the board itself. Action Felix is an independent organization, governed by its own by-laws, guided by its own mission statement, and totally dedicated to the children of Romania.

The Dairy Farm consists of a herd of 200 cows. We are the largest dairy farm in Bihor County. Our Farm fully meets European production standards.

Our cows are raised in two large barns. The barns were newly built in 1996, cows are raised naturally without growth hormones or steroids. They are fed a nutritious, natural diet composed primarily of corn silage, alfa-alfa along with vitamins and minerals. Currently we produce an average of 20 liters of milk per day.

Our goal is to have 300 cows, enabling us to maximize the production potential of our creamery. We are actively seeking investments in this area.

For more information, please contact Marcel Filip at: marcel.filip@actionfelix.org